Induction Week

Prior to starting this week I had  completed A- levels in Art, Photography and Product Design which didn’t offer me a massive insight into graphic communication. I knew that starting this course would involve me taking an idea or message and creating a visual form in order to communicate it. Being a creative individual who is intrigued by type and colour, I knew that this discipline was where I wanted to direct my study. I know that my discipline involves working closely with designers on projects to ensure an outstanding design is created and communicates to the audience.


Miranda Kate Harr, 2017, Dyslexia Portrait

Starting my first week at Cardiff School of Art and Design I have experienced so many different activities that have engaged me. I believe the team building challenge to protect an egg gave me an insight towards learning to work in a team as this is a major part of the course. Hearing about the Cardiff Met EDGE has interested me as it makes me think about how I am going to develop in my discipline but also as an individual. I’ve experienced new activities this week which I haven’t previously engaged with before which excites me about the coming year. 

Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 19.44.28
Leon Zernitsky, 2017, Teamwork

I’m keen to learn about graphic communication and get stuck into the modules. I am particularly looking forward to learning about type and image together, how they can work together to compliment each other but also how they can be used together to create outstanding pieces of work. Throughout the past week my perceptions have changed about university. I have become more aware of what is expected of me as a student but also understand a little more about what my first couple of weeks in university will entail. I am looking forward to the entire journey and challenges ahead. 

Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 18.23.34.png
Brent Goldman, 2013, Pathways in the sand

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