Constellation: An Introduction

As part of the induction week activities, we were given an introduction into Constellation and how it would impact our chosen discipline. Prior to this session I wasn’t clear on what constellation was or how it would benefit my discipline in the long term.

It was described to me like making a cup of tea, without a cup, milk, hot water or tea you cannot make a cup of tea. If the tea is missing then its only a cup of hot watery milk which isn’t a cup of tea. In terms of studying, I am the cup, milk is field, the hot water is subject and the tea is constellation. Without having constellation you will not have the knowledge required, you need all three to help achieve your goal.¬†This analogy was useful as it showed me how all three areas will help one another and overall benefit my discipline.

During the introduction session we were asked to complete a short task where we had to describe and analyse an image. This task gave me an insight into some of the skills I will require to complete constellation. Initially when asked to describe the image I was making inferences about what it could be about, when I needed to simply say what I saw in the image. Next I was asked to analyse the image where we were able to assess what the graphic might be used for and why they had been done in that particular way.

Reflecting on the task it taught me to describe, analyse and critique which I think are skills that I am going to need to complete constellation. This session was really useful in helping me understand constellation and what is expected of me. It also helped me when completing the Constellation 4: Concept task on Moodle as I was able to start understanding thinking about what I could apply to my subject through constellation.



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