An Introduction to Typography

This week we started our first module called “Type and Image”  which we will be looking at over the next five weeks. This begun first thing on Monday morning with a lecture called ‘An Introduction to Type’ which gave an insight into the basics about typography and how its a fundamental principle to the discipline of Graphic Communication.

I was then give two workshops to participate in related to the elements I had just learnt during the lecture. The first work shop involved me taking either a serif or sans serif font and tracing it to write out my first name and surname. I used a serif font which was harder than I initially thought, but I liked the challenge. In my first attempt of writing my name I found that I had placed the characters to close together, meaning the kerning was incorrect. In my surname I found that the first part of my name was correct and looked right. Where as the last part, in particular the ‘a’ was incorrect as it wasn’t sitting correctly on the base line. On my second attempt I found that I had a better understanding of where the letters needed to sit together in terms of the base line, x – height and kerning.


The second workshop I completed was a kerning and tracking exercise, I was give two words with incorrect tracking and kerning which I had to make right. To do this I had to cut around each letter individually then glue them onto the baseline with the correct kerning. This task was particularly difficult to do as I had to do it optically, eventually I found that through squinting I was able to see if the kerning was accurate. Reflecting back on this, I found that the kerning was mostly accurate however, there was a double space in the word composition.


I found that this was an extremely useful workshop and lecture for me as coming from a photography and art based background I’m keen to learn more about typography and how it’s one of the fundamental principle underpinning the discipline of Graphic Communication. I think this will help when I am trying to ensure I have the correct kerning, tracking and leading when working digitally.


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