Designer Research Task

During the research task, I learnt about a new designer who I hadn’t heard about before called Morag Myerscough, who is a London based designer with a degree in graphic design but likes to work cross-discipline. Prior to learning about Myerscough’s work I took part in learning about different research methods. This was useful to me as I was unclear about how I would be able to research in the library but also I wasn’t aware of any systems in place to help find books or e-journals.

Within the research task I was only able to use the internet as a source for my information, however this provided me with 165,000 results which meant there were loads of source but not all relevant to our research. I used the advanced search tool to help narrow the results down however I was still greeted with a large amount of resources. I have learnt that it’s important to consider the authority of the source alongside the reliability. I used a range of source within my group including design based blogs and online magazines.

I found that through my research on Myerscough that she comes from a creative and performance based family with her grandparents previously being part of the circus. Which I thought could be a reason why her work is so rich in vibrant colours possibly to reflect her family’s industry. Her work is mainly crossed between both architecture and graphic design as she has worked on multiple projects such as Sheffeild Children’s Hospital, London 2012 Olympic cafe and festival installations. I found her work very inspiring as it shows how creative type and colour can get when used cross – discipline. It also inspired me to think more about using geometric shapes and bold colour within my own work if the brief given allows me the opportunity to do so.




All her projects are energetic and bold but I couldn’t decide on which one of her projects inspired me the most. I particularly felt inspired by the Sheffield Children’s hospital project because I felt that her bright work had a certain purpose which was to make the space more welcoming for those who entered it. As often children do not like going into the hospital wards however, with the vibrant colours of Myerscough’s work it will help make the space more cheerful and playful.

Another aspect of why I liked Myerscoughs work the most was because of her desire to ensure that her brief is carefully examined to ensure that it suit the user rather than her work just meet her self satisfaction. This is something that I feel is vital to my own practice as designer we must allow think about who were are designing for and how best to communicate to them.

Reference List

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