Six Word Story Critique & InDesign Workshop

I had my first critique session on the one week six word story project which was a very interesting session for me as I found the project quite difficult to do and was keen to gain feedback. From looking at my peers work it was clear to me that I could have been more experimental in my layout and use of type. Currently as a designer I think I have a very refined style, I like clean and crisp layouts with elements of simplicity in the design. I think this is where I didn’t quite meet the brief as I needed to be more outgoing and adventurous with my hybrid types.

From my feedback I understand that elements of my design didn’t work in the way in which I intended them to. For example, the word ‘giant’ did have a clear hierarchy but due to being set in only san-serif meant that it detracted from the rest of the words especially those that used hybrids. In hindsight I should have used a mixture of san-serif and serif hybrids to create this word as it would have had a more powerful impact on the page. Also, if I was to complete this task again I would be more playful with my words especially the words ‘hopes’ and ‘dreams’ because they are essentially capture the essence of the story and need to be more imaginative. I attempted to create this effect within my work however it was clear from this session that I needed to be more bold in my experimentation and not be afraid to break the design style I already have.

I found the session overall very helpful as it showed me that I really need to push my creative out the boundaries and experiment more in my development stages. I know what works better now and what doesn’t work well within this type of brief. This will hopefully help me develop my design skill and help me to improve on my next brief that I complete.

After the critique session I took part in an introduction to Indesign where I learnt how to correctly set up a document ready for a poster project (linking to my overarching project). This workshop gave me useful tips for how to use Indesign best. I have previously used indesign to produce a editorial magazine however, I didn’t know how to set up a grid system which is vitally important to the layout of my work.

I found the tutorial very useful as it showed me how to correctly import photoshop files and to check they are correct for printing (300 ppi and using CMYK). Also, I wasn’t aware of how to correctly package a file ready for printing but I feel that after this workshop I could do this correctly. In the session we were given an image, text and logo to design a poster with. I found the task useful as I was able to get an idea of how to use the grid system to create a simple yet effective layout. During the workshop I learnt that the bleed of a print document is usually 3mm and the bleed extends beyond the edge of the page to ensure that there aren’t any unprinted edges.


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