Image & Visual Metaphor Workshop

Imagery is an important part of how we communicate things to an audience. As a graphic communicator I use words and images to convey a message however, in this workshop we are only allowed to use images. These images weren’t literal though, they we metaphorical which made them harder to think about. In groups we we’re given a word to represent mine was hope.

We began by brainstorming individually about what the word meant to us and visual images that came to us when we thought about the word. We weren’t allowed to use any cliques so I wrote these down to remove them out of my head. I came up with the idea to have hope you need to look forward into the future. We then shared our ideas and thoughts with the group before we started to create individual images. During this discussion we shared the idea of light being associated with hope, I learnt that through discussion we are able to share ideas and bounce of each other to create more abstract and interesting outcomes.

I created two different outcomes during this time. The first looked at the idea of looking forward so I drew and eye with then had an arrow going through it looking forward. There are streaks of light coming out in the direction of the arrow to show the sense of light ahead. The second image is based on the idea of hope of getting over a fear, its the idea that an individual might be afraid f the dark so they hope for the sun to come up in the morning. IMG_2784IMG_2785

The second task which we were given was to create 5 A5 images relating to the ideals of our movement. We were only able to use three different coloured paper and no pencil or pen. This was harder than I first anticipated to be however, with Art Deco images often being illustrative and made from geometric shapes it became easier the more I got to understand the ideals.

In our group we had to create a list of ideals for Art Deco, the list included; modern, commercial, industrial, advertisement, in your face – very graphic, dated (staying in its time), beginning of post modernism and strong shapes. This helped me to create various different images, I decided to start off by looking to create a train to symbolise the idea of movement and machinery placing a huge part during the Art Deco period.

As I created more and more images I found that I was becoming more abstract and playful however, some of my images were to literal which meant that they weren’t as playful as they could have been. From this session I learnt that its useful to create abstract images but also by using different mediums to create  images can be useful in portraying the essence of project. This helped me to start generating ideas about the images I could use within my major project.




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