Constellation – 3 Week Reflection

Throughout the course of constellation so far I have begun to understand more about the concepts that we discuss and I can see how they link to the theme of myth making in Art and Design. However, I have also experienced a few low points during my first few weeks I particularly struggled with the second week of learning as I didn’t understand the reading. I find that the pressure of reading within the session has been the hardest aspects so far. I find trying to abstract relevant information from the text during the short period of time, is an element of the course that has been difficult for me. 

At the beginning of the first few weeks I felt anxious about starting the module because I wasn’t sure on what the course would entail. As a creative individual the idea of writing for academic purposes scared me and I was worried that I wouldn’t understand the any of the ideas or concepts being discussed. However, currently I am feeling more relaxed about course as I have seen what the course of like and realised that others are in the same situation as myself. I do still feel anxious when I don’t understand a discussion topic within the sessions. 

Over the past couple of weeks I have identified various strengths that have allowed me to cope with the module. I have particular found a strength in being able to speak about my ideas within small groups to discuss ideas this has given me the chance to understand more about others thoughts which has given me the ability to think about alternative viewpoints. There are also areas that I have identified that I need to improve upon, including my reading and understanding of the material each week. I also need to strengthen my ability to discuss in front of the group my thoughts and ideas as currently I do not speak in larger group discussion giving my thoughts. 

As there are some aspects of the course that I haven’t understood throughout the past couple of weeks I need to ask Sarah about these to make sure I have a full understanding of the module as these could benefit me when writing my final paper. Challenges that I am currently facing is mainly with my reading and how under the time constraints we are given I do not have the chance to pull information from the text. I could start reading the text prior to reading during the session as this will provide me with a basic understanding before it starts. This will help me find definitions to words that I don’t understand, which will give me the opportunity to start understanding the material more. Currently I struggle to make links between my own practice and the theory from these session. I feel that this is something that I need more help and discussion on in particular as I would like to have the knowledge about how the theories can be linked to my practice. 

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