Reimagining Design History – Design Generation Process

After all the initial research that I conducted I begun to generate ideas. I knew that the context of the project was a poster and that it needed to look at Art Deco as the movement I had been given. The target audience of the poster would be designers to give them and understanding of how that particular movement had an influence over graphic design today. I started by looking at potential layouts that I could use in my own poster. From the poster analysis that I completed I found the following:

  • Image often central focus
  • Large headings
  • Images made from geometric shapes
  • Image consuming lots of the space
  • Not a huge amount of body copy

I sketched various layouts that could be used in my poster this helped me to start generating ideas before taking the project into InDesign.


As the image is the central focus I wanted this to be eye catching while still conveying the tone of the movement. Following the image workshop I decided to use the images I created within that to inspire some initial sketches of ideas for the image. This again allowed me the chance to generate ideas around what would work well. I then created these in the illustrator I used the skills that I had previously learnt from the workshop to create these. Personally I thought that the ray like image was highly Art Deco due to the geometric shapes and simplistic style. Also from my earlier research I had learnt that they were commonly used within Art during this period so I thought that they worked well for the image.


I decided that the image of the rays would most likely work best within the poster context. I decided to take this into InDesign and begin to experiment with different layouts which could work. I used a range of grid systems including 6, 7 & 8 as I wanted to experiment with various grid systems to see which worked best. In the end I started working with a 3 column grid. I started with simple layouts using the three different elements image, title and body copy. These were initial ideas that came to mind as majority of poster I looked at by Cassandre didn’t include much body copy or none at all within his work. Thinking about hierarchy in the majority of layouts the image has a clear hierarchy which is what I also wanted to create within my poster. However, after looking at these initial ideas I decided that I needed to make the image more prominent within the design itself. I developed this idea further to produce more ideas for the poster. I also experimented with landscape and portrait poster as through research I had found that majority were portrait but there were a few that were landscape.


I took these initial ideas and proofs to a critique session where I was able to gain feedback and thoughts around the designs. I found that the session was extremely useful as I was able to think of improvements for moving forward within design.

Some of the feedback I received included the following;

  • landscape doesn’t work as well as portrait
  • image reminds people of buildings which were tall and grand.
  • The preferred the black, white and red colour scheme.
  • The main heading font works well
  • gave the perception of glamour which Art Deco is known for
  • There seems to be two different shades of black within the outcome.

I took this feedback on board and wrote notes on the proof about aspects that worked well and aspects that could be improved on each individual poster. I found that feedback was very useful to me because I was able to progress further and reflect on the work I had already done. Majority of individuals seem to be drawn to the posters where the image was larger and in the background of the poster they felt that it used the space better. The were mainly drawn to the portrait and landscape version of the poster as they thought that it was most suitable to the decade and style of poster at the time. I learnt that the final outcome should be symmetrical in its layout as the asymmetrical layouts didn’t have the outcome that they required. My next stage is to develop the idea further working upon this feedback.


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