Reimagining Design History – Development of Ideas

Taking this initial design idea, I needed to develop it further using the feedback I had received from my peers and also the feedback I had received from my tutors. After deciding that this was the best poster from the initial ideas (the poster below) I knew that it was going to need to be worked on to create a strong outcome. Currently the design is very basic and simple, resembling the work of period however, the brief asks me to reimagine the movement which means that I need to think about how I can create something more visual exciting. 

Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 15.03.33
Initial Design Idea

Firstly I used my sketchbook to come up with ideas of developments that I could make regarding the posters aesthetics. From feedback I needed to ensure that the paragraphs on the poster were legible as on the first design the colour clashed making them difficult to read. Also from the critique session and further feedback I was aware that the title could be more exciting and engaging as currently it’s quite boring and doesn’t draw the attention of the audience to the poster. 




I thought that by using a quote or a few words that expression the concept behind the poster would bring the poster a more playful element about it. As people thought that the rays in the imagery resembled the glamor of the decades which Art Deco dominated. The concept behind the image was to resemble the buildings and how glamorous and grand they were, but by using the rays gave a link to the decade because they appear to be a common feature within art work at that time. The phrase ‘glamour is of the essence’ I think works well in conveying the concept that I am aiming to covet to the target audience is that everything was made with glamour in mind. 

Art Deco was full of geometric patterns and designs which is part of the inspiration for the title. Some letters are joined together through vertical stresses within the letters as my research highlights that these were often decorative features within typography of the period. I think that this development works well compared to the initial design because it’s more eye catching and still has a hierarchy without detracting away from the image. The title is also more playful in terms of the phrasing and layout compare to the first which is something that people thought that the original poster was lacking. Also though this playful layout and easy of using the vertical stresses in the words I felt that this was quite a modern interpretation of the style that I found was being used within the movement.

A critique that I was given was that in the initial idea of the poster I had two different shades of the colour black. As the poster will be printed it will use CMYK, to ensure that the shades of black were all that same I used ‘true black’ which is C = 50, M =50, Y = 50 and K = 100. I think this allows the white text and the red to be more punctual and stand off the page drawing the target audience into the poster.

Reimagining development 1
Development 1
Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 14.47.32
Development 2
Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 22.14.33
Development 3

In order to work on the legibility of the paragraphs on the poster I decided to experiment with using different ways of making the paragraphs easier to read. Firstly using a rectangle with a mid opacity to allow the image behind to still be seen as the image was the main thing that I wanted to be seen. The second thin I experimented with was using a block of colour at the bottom of the page, to allow the white writing to stand out better. I think that this works well because the text is clearly legible on the red background. I moved the rays up so that they draw the eye to the text which is where the main information is written about the movement. This helps the path of the eye which is something that I have constantly been thinking about throughout the course of the design process along with contrast and balance. The third development is where I have experimented with title placement within the design. Previously I had used mainly symmetrical style layouts because research at the time showed mainly this type of layouts. I have created this short of layout within this third development however in comparison to the other two developments that I have done I think that the asymmetrical layout of the title looks more visual exciting and also has a clear path of the eye.

Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 11.23.38
Development 4 / Final Outcome


Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 16.09.40
Grid System

I decided to further develop the development 2 as I felt that this was the strong development and could still be developed further. Firstly the title had incorrect spacing between the words which visually didn’t look correct. However, using the grid in illustrator I was able to ensure that the spacing was equal between the words. I think that this allows the title to fill that space more as well as being able to be more playful and expressive.

I also wanted to show a higher level of skill within the poster because they style is very modernist/ simplistic. To do this I wanted to add a further element of hierarchy within the poster by adding small sub headings to show a clear hierarchy throughout the poster, the eye is drawn to each section of text. Also, I worked on the rag in the paragraphs because they were distracting the eye when reading the body copy. I think that this final development enabled me to have no double spaces within my body copy but also allow for a clean finish to the paragraphs.

Before printing out the final poster in colour I printed out a final proof which allowed me the check for spelling errors and type setting errors. This also gave me the opportunity to see if they design worked well when printed and on the wall. I found that this did work well and caught the eye of the target audience when printed therefore I decided to print the design in colour for the final outcome.

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