Screenprinting Workshop

For the screen printing workshop we were asked to create a piece of artwork inspired by our movement we have been asked to research for our over arching project. As my movement is Art Deco, I used my research and work created in image metaphor worksop to create an image that I could screen print. 

I had never done any type of screen printing before so the entire process was completely new to me. Firstly using a scalpel and rule I had to create a stencil for the first colour that I would be printing. This was a simple part of the process for me as my image is made up of geometric shapes so all the lines were straight meaning that they could be cut using a rule. I did have some aspects of the stencil where the scalpel had ripped the edges of the paper which meant that the ink leaked slightly when transferred. 

Next I had attach the stencil to the screen which has a mesh made from nylon to allow the ink the sink through onto the paper. The important aspect of this was to ensure that the paper was placed correctly onto the centre of the screen where the snap is the best. Once this was attached to the screen I could attach it to the printing station. 


Next I had to mix up the ink which was a 50/ 50 combination of acrylic paint and a print medium. The print medium stops the acrylic paint drying out so quickly to allow for more prints to come out of a mix up of ink. Before printing onto paper I printed onto acetate to ensure that the consistency of the ink was high quality and the stencil was placed correctly. Once this was done I was able to print onto the paper as I had an idea of where on the page the image would print. 


Once having completed 4 prints of the first stencil I left them to dry while I cleaned the station and the screen. As the materials are water based allows us to use water to clean off the squeegee, acetate and mixing knife. To clean the screen I used a pressure washer as this is the best way to remove the ink quickly but also allows the ink to be completely removed. 

I then repeated the entire process for the second colour. With the second colour I was able to be more experimental with my layouts and approach to create some abstract outcomes. I found the screen printing process extremely useful and fun, I think that this I a process that I might use in the future to create piece of work them scan them into the computer.

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