Flipbook Task

As part of the introduction research task for the Movement topic, we were asked to create a flip book showing a simple movement/gesture. To start off with I began by mind mapping ideas of potential gestures that I could recreate in the flip book.


I wanted to do something that was more personal to me and as a gymnastic coach I thought of using this as inspiration for this mini project. I thought about using rhythmic gymnastic, cheerleading and artistic gymnastic. However, I decided to use a cheerleader completing a tumble sequence. In order to capture the movement of the cheerleader I decided to use video so that I was able to slow down the motion, and screenshot element that I would require to show the motion in the flip book. I was able to put these screenshots into a contact sheet to make the final outcome.

I started out by creating some practice flip books using various layouts and materials. Firstly, I used paper to create a Flipbook however I found that they didn’t flick the best and the images tended to get stuck together so that you couldn’t see the movement. I also experiment with using card images, on this I found that because the book was being bound so closely to the image you weren’t able to see the movement of the gymnast/cheerleader easily.

Final Outcome 

With all this in mind I thought that the best solution would be to produce the Flipbook on a small scale using smaller images and white space. The more white space being used enabled the images to be seen more clearly because the book is bound I=on the white space rather than the image itself. I think that this was the best solution for the outcome that I had.

Reflecting on this task I found that there were a few aspects that I would change if I was to complete this task again. I could use my photography skills if I was complete a project like this again because I feel like I could have come out with better images using sports mode on my camera. In hindsight if I was to complete this project again I would use a different method of binding the book together maybe using stitching to bind the pages together. I feel that if I was to complete this mini project again the outcome could be stronger by using these methods of working.

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