Photography Studio Induction Task

We were given an induction to the photography studio/spaces by Mal on Monday which would allow me to use the studios when I require images. As part of the induction we had to complete a task within the dark room. Coming from a photography background I had previous experience of using a dark room and dark room photography.

I decided to use plants as the subject for my image, I arrange these on the paper before exposing the paper to light for 5 seconds. I used the timer to ensure that the paper was exposed to light for exactly 5 seconds. In hindsight I should have exposed the paper for slightly longer as this would have enabled me to get a stronger outcome.

Next, I have to place the paper into the developer for a few minutes where I gentle rocked the container back and forth. It’s at this point that I could start to see where the image was coming together and starting to be seen. Then I placed the image within the stopped solution, which again is a mixer of chemicals that stop the developer working. I kept this in the solution for about 40 seconds before moving the image into the fixer. This basically fixes the negative image to the paper, this should be left for at least 5 minutes however, I didn’t leave it in for long enough which meant that my outcome wasn’t as strong as it could be.

I really found the induction useful and having done photography previous it is something that I throughly enjoy and will be using the studio when required for my projects. I will also be looking into doing more advanced workshops after Christmas break because I feel that this will help me be more aware of the possibility’s that I can have for my own practice.

Final Outcome

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