Introduction to Movement

This project requires use to look at movement and the different types of movement we see. Physical, political, social, artistic and musical are all different forms of movement, but they all create a shift or change within their surrounding, the idea being that movement causes change. Three of the most important aspects of movement are space (point, path, perception), physicality (size, scale, weight) and time (duration, amplification light), these aspects all have an impact on how a movement is perceived by an individual. One of the most important ideas to remember when creating movement within a piece is that people experience through their own vitality. Within graphic communications when movement is used its important to remember that it must inform, be focused but also expressive. It’s also can be over used so should only be used where needed the most.

We were given two workshop tasks to complete to gain a greater understanding of movement and how it can be applied. Prior to the workshop I hadn’t completed much animation before so this was something completely new to me. By creating a GIF and Scanimation I would be able to gain a greater understanding of how movement can be applied to typography. I was given the letter ‘S’ to animate in six frames, I have to think about the narrative for the animation while thinking about how the letter could move (thinking about the vitality). Using my sketchbook I thought about typefaces I could use as well as sketching out the six frame ideas. I decided to work with the idea of the ‘s’ being stretched and pulled because I thought that this would work well in expressing the letters characteristics.

Using Adobe Photoshop I created a gif of the ‘s’ being stretched by physically stretching the letter upwards. I create 6 separate layers before using the timeline to create a frame animation. I think that this simple way of creating a GIF works really well and could be used for future projects if using the correct context. I think that it works well in showing the movement of the letter which is what we were asked to complete.

GIF Animations 

Creating the scanimation was harder than I initially thought, there are more steps in order to create the animation. Using the template we were given I was able to use my 6 jpeg images that I created of the ‘s’ to cut and create a sliced image to create the animation. This process was a new one that I hadn’t previously done so I found it quite difficult to start off with. However, by the end I was able to produce a scanimation that resembled my original idea. I think that this process could be used to create some very interesting animation that aren’t commonly used to communicate, of course they would only be used in the correct context.

Screenshots showing the scanimation working.

Reflecting on the workshop today I think that they have successfully introduced me to the idea of movement and how it can be applied within graphic communication. After seeing hands on how something can be communicated through animation I am excited to learn more and get stuck into the project and the brief.

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