Creative Thinking Techniques

As a designer, creativity is key to our practice and sometimes designers can find their creativity blocked. Creativity can be gained from many different aspects of our lives including experiences. The more experiences we allow ourselves to engage with both related to our practice and not to our practice, could allow us the opportunity to spark creativity. During the workshop we explored the idea of using various creative think techniques to enhance idea generation and the thought process.

These creative thinking processes including, mind mapping, brainstorming, lateral thinking, lotus blossom and many more. All these processes allow us to generate creative ideas and provide potential solutions to design problems. We were allocated in groups certain creative thinking techniques to explore and research, as well as being given an ‘ism’ to relate it to (linking back to the project briefing for the over arching project). I was allocated brainstorming as the creative technqiue and anthropomorphism as the topic. Prior to starting this I had an idea of brainstorming but I wasn’t aware of what anthropomorphism was.

As a group we split the research up into sections so in pairs we could research a certain aspect of the task before coming together in the end to present our findings. Brain storming is a technique often used by groups of designers to gain a variety of ideas/ potential solution. Anthropomorphism is when an animal or inanimate object is given human characteristics to make it come alive. We presented our findings on the technique with a presentation.


Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 20.30.59
Slide 1
Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 20.31.01
Slide 2
Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 20.31.04
Slide 3 

From completing this task I have understood how brainstorming can be useful mainly when working with a group of designers as it has many benefits. I have learnt that it’s similar to a mind map however, brainstorming ideas is generally messier and not as structured as a mind map could be considered. Also it differs from a mind map as it suitable for group projects rather than individual as individual projects would be your ideas only and no others therefore you would be creating effectively a messy mind map. I think that through completing this workshop I will be able to use all the creative techniques within my tool boxes to help me if I ever feel a creative block occurring.

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