Barthes Paraphrasing Task

As we looked at the myths that toys present we read Barthes essay on ‘Toys’ then in groups we paraphrased the information. There are key main points that I could see Barthes making throughout the essay;  

  • Miniature adult world
  • They prepare children for the ideals that society expects them to complete when older 
  • Toys limit a child’s creativity and imagination 
  • Shouldn’t be made from man made materials should be natural
  • Children should have the opportunity to create their own world. 


Paraphrasing Group Task 

French Toys are adult products that have been reduced in size to suit the small hands of a child. These toys are should be invented for children to create their own inventions, instead they are made with an agenda, to introduce adult occupations and prepare them for their future roles. They reflect the adult world around children, therefore conditioning them for certain roles such as women being a house wives. Barthes mentions this in reference to dolls that have similar representation functions to that of a baby. In Barthes view children are being pigeonholed before given them the chance to decide what they themselves interpret from the toys. They are sometimes considered a block in a child’s creative development, they prepare them for the adult world without adventure or imagination. Barthes suggests that toys should enable children to be creators of their own play, they should be free to create their own world rather than toys dictating how they play.Chemical materials such as plastic provides a short lasting life of pleasure. Perfection to it’s shape and stuck to its form, removing the child’s ability to move past what they present. To connect with natural materials is to have a natural mind of creativity. To connect with plastic is to gain a plastic mind. 

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