Movement Project – Initial Ideas & Research

The brief for this project is to invent a new idealogical movement which doesn’t already exist and cannot contravene good ethical practices. This task will be done through a control environment (the studio) where we are able to control certain risk factors.

To start off my project I decided to create a mind map highlight existing social movements and ideas that I could potentially take forward. I thought that this was the best way in which to generate ideas, while researching what movements already exist. When generating my own ideas I initially found this very difficult as I was thinking to much into the movement itself. However, I then decided to look at things that annoy me or make me angry, by doing this I was able to quickly brainstorm ideas that I could take forward into further development.

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 22.12.39

I took two of the ideas further to create two separate mind maps on each topic. The first being driving and how some driver think that it’s okay to not indicate. This for me is an annoyance because it’s not just other road user that use these signals but also pedestrians like children who play out in the streets. The second idea was based around glitter/sequins and how they create such a mess when theres no need. However, after looking into this more I felt that the first idea about not indicating would allow me more scope and opportunity.

During a group tutorial I discuss the idea around not indicating which lead to the idea that it’s just lazy driving. This discussion around the idea that it’s not just misuse of indicators but also hazard lights when individuals leave them on parked outside shops when theres clearly no parking space there, they again are just being lazy. This group tutorial sparked interest for me because I thought about combining the ideas to create a campaign to stop drivers from being lazy and make them aware of some of the consequences that some of their lazy habits might have.

The next stage of my process, was to create an ‘ism’ for the movement, as from the project launch we learnt that most movements are an ‘ism’ and their followers are ‘ists’. (For example, modernism was the movement and its followers are called modernists). I decided to create multiple outcomes before choseing a name for the movement. The name I decided to use was “Indicatorism” as the main focus of the ‘campaign’ is to make people aware of their lazy driving habit of not using indicators but also looking at mis use of signals when driving.

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 22.15.01

In order to back up my ideology  I conducted some research around the mis-use of signals. According to the UK government website (GOV.UK) that you should remember to use Mirror – Signal – Manoeuvre, in order to show your intent to other road users (including pedestrians and cyclists).  It appears that using your indicators is a legal requirement as it helps with safety of all road users. Not only is it a concern in the UK but it is a safety concern world wide as America’s Fox News (Fox21 News, 2012) completed a report in 2012 about how neglecting to use your indicators can result in as many as “2 million crashes’ per year. Others like Mark Vallet (2012) have picked up on surveys where drivers have admitted to being to lazy to use their indicators/turn signals. In this articles he stated that “among drivers 18 to 24, 71 percent said they don’t use their signals” which highlights that their is a clear age range who aren’t bothered to use their indicators.  Again, across the other side of the world in Australia (Government of South Australia, 2018) they must use their indicators every time they intend to change direction, which reiterates this fact that its just lazy driving if you don’t.

From this research it was clear that I had a younger age range of individuals who my movement needed to be aimed at. I decided to extend this age range to 18- 30 years old as I felt that it’s not just a younger audiences that do not correctly us signals. I decided to create personas to help me visualise potential viewers of the outcome. All of these personas do not indicate when driving, and they all use a forms of social media, which suits the context of the project as it needs to be moving (digital rather than print). The context also relates to the target audience as majority of them use social media platforms as older generation do not which is why I think that its more suited to a younger age bracket.

Creation of Personas
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Fox21 News (2012) Turn Signal neglect causing accidents. Available at: (Accessed: 9th November 2018)
Vallet, M. (2012) Half of drivers don’t use turn signals. Available at: (Accessed: 9th November 2018)
Government of South Australia (2018) The Driver’s Handbook – Driving Signals. Available at: (Accessed: 9th November 2018)

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