Movement Project – Storyboard

Storyboarding is an important part to this project in particular as the outcome is movement therefore we need to consider the compositions in a frame by frame process. Through story boarding you’ve able to make sure the composition flows together nicely, i.e making sure it works. Much like a flip book, the images must be in the correct order for it work, the frames of the composition must be in the correct order to work.

I initially started off roughly mapping out the story boards within my sketchbook, however, I them moved on to mapping the storyboards out on A3 paper in order to gain a better idea of what the frames would all look like. This was useful to me as I could quickly get my ideas onto paper rather than digitally trying to get my ideas together. I used markers to give me a sense of colours that could be used in each frame and through using this method of working I was able to be as expressive as I required to get my ideas down. In each story board a variation of frames is used. I decided to do this in order to show progression but also to begin with I wanted to make the animation short so people could see it early if they were scrolling past it on a social media platform such as instagram. The storyboards range from 6 frames to 14 frames, the longer animation have a narrative to them whereas the short ones do have a narrative its just not as clearly defined. By using a various of frames enabled me to reflect on each outcome to see if the longer or shorter animations worked best.

I decided to create a digital outcomes as I thought that this would be clearer for other to understand during the critique session we had. Using InDesign and Illustrator I was able to create this storyboards using notes to help explain frame by frame.

Storyboard 1
Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 09.17.11
Storyboard 2
Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 09.17.26
Storyboard 3
Storyboard 4

After presenting these storyboards to the group and received feedback staying that they are too complex and would be difficult to get right within the time constraints that I have. I was given the feedback that the use of the effects and images could make the animation too complex for people to follow quickly. I was given the suggestion of making use of block colour to help create a metaphorical approach to the outcome. Another suggestion I was given is to use audio to help create more meaning to the animation, for example using the a car indicator in the background then the frames moving at the same pace as the sound of the indicator. I went away following this feedback to create another storyboard to develop the possible animation.

Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 21.24.28
Storyboard development 1

Above is the developed idea using orange and black backgrounds alternating to the audio of the indicator in the background. The orange and black colour scheme reflects the indicators going on and off, potentially using a lens flare to transition between the frames. This is a simplified idea of my 3rd storyboard, the major changes being that this time it only appears to use block colour rather than vectorised images. I think that this simplified version will be more effective but also more visual intriguing to look at, reflecting on this I feel that it works better in the overall outcome.

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