Movement – Further Research

As I decided to go with the idea of creating an informative animation for this project, by campaigning for people to use their indicators when driving. Following my group tutorial feedback it was clear that I needed to look at pace and flow more before developing my animation any further. Through doing this would allow me the chance to see how pauses and variation in pace could benefit my own practice.

29 ways to be creative

Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 17.31.12

This animation didn’t have a voice over in it which is relevant to my practice as I’m not planning on having voice over. The transition between each of the frame was smooth which some even morphing straight into others. The pace was fast at points to enable to fit 29 points into the animation however, there was a small pause after each to allow time for the viewer to think and process the words. I think that they use of pace works well in this and would work within my own animation.

Communication is Aid

Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 17.30.34

In this animation the viewer is educated in the importance of communication in any situation however particular a natural disaster. There is a variation in pace throughout the animation which makes it flow smoothly from frame to frame. Starting of slow and steady at times the pace quickens then resumes back to normal to create the variation. There is a great emphasis in the use of colour within the animation, which helps transition appear smoother all together. As the colour palette is the same throughout the shapes and type appear to move smoother. Also, audio is of great importance within this animation with the use of the voice over to explain but also the use of dramatic music behind the voice over makes you as the viewer more aware of the serious nature. This is something that I could consider as my animation script as a serious/dramatic undertone to it.


Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 20.56.01

This book trailer is a longer animation that uses motion graphics to tell the purpose of the book. As I am looking at the importance of using pace throughout an animation I found that there was again a variation in the pace. Pause were added after certain phrases to allow the viewer to think but also to create emphasis on the content. In this animation there were uses of many sound effects to create more understanding of the context of the video. This is something that I need to consider when making my own video. I found that the animation was perfectly timed so that the sound effects had the greatest impact they could.

By looking at all of these animations I feel that I have gained a greater understanding of how I can use pace to my advantage but also how audio and other elements could also be useful to my animation. This research will benefit me moving forward into creating a final outcome.

Reference List 
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