Movement Reflection

As a whole I feel that I have learnt a great amount from the movement project, as I have achieved a new skill set entirely. I have also learnt the importance of considering all aspects of the brief as within the project I received many different piece of feedback relating to my outcome and I have found that I need to be aware of some of things that the ‘context’ of the brief is telling me, this is something that I would like to improve on for the next project. This project allowed opportunities to be usual however, I decided to be more serious and I just need to be aware of the brief more when generating ideas.

I think that by completing this project I have been able to gain an understanding of how movement within my work can have an impact on the meaning of it. While doing this I have also started to explore the possibilities of using After Effects. While I was excited to learn this new software and area within Graphic Communications/Design I was aware that this would require me learning the basic skills quickly in order to create a strong outcome. Throughout the course of the project I feel that my confidences has grown when using the software.

As I haven’t done any animation before I found this project challenging from start to finish however, I feel I have achieved the best outcome that I could.  I used mind mapping as the creative thinking technique however, for future projects I may start to develop other techniques. Furthermore, I feel that I have been able to make defined links between research and theory but I could have made more practical links between the my practice and research.

When it came to creating a way to express the idea of “indicatorism” I felt that it would be best to create a variation of option, I appreciated the group feedback that enabled me to see that I was being too literal in my communication of the movement. This helped me develop further ideas which is area of the design process that I think I have improved on. The critiques I received throughout the project have helped me develop the outcome, the advice on using audio help my outcome greatly. With the audio it gives the viewer a sense of consistency while giving an familiar sound drawing the viewer in. I felt that the decision to go simplistic with use of text and minimal images enabled me to visually communicate the message of the movement.

I feel that in future projects where movement is needed I feel that I would be more comfortable and confident working with After Effects to create a composition using audio, type, image and consider pace and pause.

Follow the link to view digital version of my sketchbook – Sketchbook

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