First things First – Introduction to Field

As the starting point for the field module, we were given the task of looking at the ‘first things first’ manifesto which stated that designers shouldn’t just be advertising and branding objects but also should be able to work for small organisations and give a voice to ethical issues. In small groups we were set the task of creating an outcome to promote designers to take responsibility for the work they put out into the world.

We sketched the idea of the a gif/animation based on the idea that designers should have a balance of work that profitable and work that is ethical. As a group we worked on copywriter which said ‘Design for demand or design for the heart’, the gif would be a heart in the centre pulsing showing designers are the lifeline for the promotion of both sides. This task was a short workshop which highlight how using creative thinking techniques are used within a group situation to create a quick idea. It also highlighted to us how quickly we are able to generate starting ideas, this is a skill that we would need for the next two weeks.

We were given the brief of creating a campaign looking at a current social/ political/ environmental issue. My group decided to brainstorm ideas for each area which we could investigate into, this allow us to easily see what ideas everybody had and which we felt we could create a strong campaign idea from. We decided to look at plastic pollution because we all felt that it was really current, I personal found this interesting as it’s something that I’m personally passionate about.

Initially we started to look at ideas that we could develop moving forward, we thought about using plastic wrapping it around humans like the current campaigns that are out there who use animals. This was a new idea and we thought that it would be a personal connection for the target audience to relate to. As group following a tutorial we decided to change our initial direction to look at plastic and how we are now consuming it in our diet. This is something that is recent as it’s now that we are starting to see more plastic entering the diet mainly seafood from plastic that ends up in the oceans.

This starting point for process was a useful as it allow us as a group to gather ideas, share thoughts/opinion and see what other strengths were and how we could potentially utilise them within this project.


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