Design as Activism – Idea Development & Experimentation

We went into the photography studio on Friday to create some initial outcomes of plastic food on plates. Using the smaller studio we created some plates full of plastic to replicate food and plastic filled glasses to replace a drink. However, we decided to redo the shoot at a later date because we felt that we would be better to include realistic elements of the food. E.g. using burger buns to create a burger.


I took these photographs as I had experience in photography from my A Levels. I tried to use the rule of thirds to create a clean professional looking composition, I thought that this would also allow for type to sit next to the image best without cluttering. up the image itself. I felt that the ombré background works well because it provides a contrast between the objets and the background.

Image 1
PCA Image 1
Image 5
PCA Image 2

Following a discussion with Theo during a tutorial we decided that we would continue with the idea of adding plastic to real food, for example baking a pizza and adding bottle caps as pepperoni after to show this horrifying thought that plastic is becoming natural part of our diet because we aren’t looking after our planet it’s now affecting us. We also discussed the idea of playing with the emotion of disgust, as it’s a powerful emotion which we feel. For some the idea of eating is disgusting as food gets around the mouth and teeth which some people find horrid. By making the normally delicious looking food appear disgusting the food will disgust people at the fact that they are harming the environment. The other hope is that it will disgust them that they are having an impact on themselves and hope that they stop.

During this discussion we spoke about the logo which we had chosen and spoke about potential colour palettes for the campaign. We initially thought blues and greens as this linked to the ocean and from research we had found that plastic is mainly getting through the food system through the ocean however, we are finding that plastics are entering the food chain through live stock too at this moment in time. However, it was suggest that we play around with using both natural and synthetic colours because beaches and coastal areas are now littered with these vibrant manufactured colours that aren’t naturally there.

Following the discussion with Theo we decided to create a plan for the next photoshoot in order for us to know exactly what shots we required to come out of the session. This was a helpful session because enabled us to completely see where we should be prior to breaking up for Christmas. I personally found it useful as I am able to think about the composition of the photos before going into the studio.

We decided to experiment with the colour palette in the logo too, changing it from all black to using other colours. This worked well because the colours made the plastic bottles stand out more than they had previously. As a group we found that the bottles looked more effective using the dark blue and yellow/green colour because the blue symbolises the ocean while the yellow is symbolic of the synthetic colours that are being seen on the coastal areas now.Screen Shot 2018-12-10 at 15.03.31

I found the whole tutorial useful as it enabled us as a group to see if we were heading down the correct path and not heading out on tangent. I feel that at the current moment in time as a group we are meeting the brief and have a clear understanding of the things that are required to be done.


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