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Design as Activism – Photoshoot- Image Development

Following our groups discussion with Theo we decided as a group to head into the photography studio to create new developed images. Working on the emotion of ‘disgust’ we decided to use real food and add plastics to them in order to create a disgusting appeal. As the larger studio was unavailable on the days that we were all able to attend we used the small studio and decided to shoot the food, rather than the food smudged around the face. However, I think that the images still show the emotion of disgust due to the plastic element of them.


Again, I took the lead in the photographs as I had experience from A Levels. On a few of the composition I used the rule of third to create a clean outcome, while other I used depth of field to create the compositions. The use of studio lighting and the ombré background helped us to create images that were high quality.

Then using photoshop I edited a few to see how they worked out, using the adjustment settings I adjusted the curves and levels to make sure that the low, mid and high tones were balanced. I think that these are good edits that are able to be used from the infographic, gif and viral images. I particularly think that are representative of the foods and shows the audience that foods are starting to contain more and more plastic, which is the message that we are trying to communicate. In order to remain consistent throughout the ‘campaign’ the group have decided to use all these images taken in the shoot as the imagery for the outcomes.

Image 1.2
Plastic Takeaway
Image 1.3
Plastic Cocktail
Image 1.4
Plastic ‘pepperoni’ pizza



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