Design as Activism – GIFs/Research

As each member of the group needed to contribute and create an outcome we decided we would each take on a outcome that would be used in the social media campaign. As GIFs are becoming more frequently used amongst social media to help companies promote I thought that it would be an ideal way of promoting our campaign.

GIF stands for Graphic Interchange Format and are slowly starting to be increasingly used on social media. According to research visual content is more than 40 times more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content, which highlights how GIFs will help to raise awareness of the campaign.

By Marine Conservation Society

This is an example of a gif being used by another organisation, Marine Conservation Society (aiming to create a brighter future for our oceans.) This particular gif is making people aware of the impact that even the plastic straw is having on the ocean. It used comedy to draw people into the visual while making them aware of the serious overlying message. The use of the vibrant yellow background helps to draw the viewer to the outcome which is something that I could incorporate into the outcome I produce. Also, they have used their logo at the end of the GIF which prompted the campaign but also shows people where they can go for further information. I think that the use of the logo within the gif is extremely important.

By Plastic Planet

This is another example of a gif that has been used within a campaign around plastic. Unlike the previous this doesn’t use any imagery at all only type, however this works just as effectively. The use of the terms ‘Plastic addict’ is a clever play on words, creating this sense of humour again while still being serious. Similar to the previous example they have used a yellow colour palette to draw people in. The different use of names makes the viewer think about them personally because it could easily be their own name. This also highlights the vast amount of people that could fall into the category. Unlike the other one this doesn’t highlight the organisation who have made it. However, Plastic planet have made a series of GIFs similar to this, which means they works together.

Earth World Day

The GIF above is another example of how they can be used to promote a campaign. This was a GIF made for earth day 2018, the illustrative style is very different from the previous example I have looked at. I think that this would work well with the social media context because I can see grabbing people attention on sites such as instagram. This GIF also has a very different colour palette compared to the previous two, but works well within the message it’s being used for.

From this research it’s clear to me that I could use a variety of different ways to create the outcome, I particularly like the idea of using the logo within the GIF as it would direct the target audience to check out the campaign itself. Furthermore, the use of humour is a key aspect in the example and is something I could utilize in my own outcome. I feel that through investigating these various GIFs has given me a good understand about the GIF out there and the comments which they hold.





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