Design as Activism – Further Development

After evaluating the GIF developments I decided to explore the possibilities further, including changing the pause at the end of the GIF and experimenting further with colours. I felt that the yellow outer glow didn’t work with the image and caused conflict when looking at it, I thought that it would be best to change the glow to white to be subtle and fit with the image. I also experimented with the pause of the campaign logo at the end of the gif. The pause was too long causing there to appear a break between the repeat, I changed the pause from 0.5 seconds to 0.2 second because I felt that it needed to still pause to show people however, it doesn’t need to pause for the long period of time. I think with these changes the GIF works better in communicating the message we are raising awareness for while still having an element of humour in it.


Reflecting on the project as a whole I think the concept of the campaign we have created hasn’t been done previously and has a serious underlying message to it even though parts of the campaign draw the audience in using humour. I think the use of the photographs (in terms of style), typefaces and colour scheme throughout all the outcomes has helped us to be constant in the way that they look. I personally am happy with the outcome I’ve created.


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