Protest Project – Oxymoron Planning

As the next stage in the project we were given the brief of visualising an oxymoron, this was something new to me as I hadn’t heard of an oxymoron before this project. We started by taking the oxymoron ‘tame beast’ as we felt this linked to our topic highly, as people are taking wild animals and taming them to become pets. We listed things that came to mind when thinking about the words separately, then used this to start creating images to express the oxymoron. This was a useful starting point for this brief as it enabled us to think about how creative and experimental we could be. I felt that this brief is pushing me out of my comfort zone as this is something that as a designer I haven’t done before.

As a team we decided to move forward with an illustration that Finn completed as we felt it worked with the oxymoron ‘tame beast’. The image of the monkey in chains inside a box inspired us to think about how we could portray this in the form of an image at scale, artefact or GIF. We felt that it would be interesting to create a artefact as this was something that not many of us had done before. We thought about creating a physical box to represent tame, the idea of being closed in or in captivity. It relates to the topic of  exotic animals being kept as pets within a domesticated environment. The box shape resinates with majority of people as something or an object in domestic life for example a house.


We started off by discussing having just the monkey in chains inside the box from different angles. However, as the discussion developed we start to think more in depth about the outcome adding more animals and more different meanings. In the end we decided that inside the box there will be four different sections, each displaying a different scene around the oxymoron ‘tame beast’. Each section will hold a different background, either a house, cage, chains or a sub-urban garden this shows how wild animals are truing to be tamed to become domesticated animals. The backgrounds will be monochrome to show the dull and wrong natural about animals being kept in these environment’s. The illustrations of the animals will contrast and be bright in colour rather than in monochrome. There will also be layers within the sections to add depth, some of these will have to be looked through in order for the audience to see whats in that section, again encouraging them to engage with the outcome (engaging with the protest).

We thought that the box would be constructed using cardboard as we only had one week to produce it but we still wanted it to be sturdy and not break. Using the thicker cardboard we thought would be best to create the outcome. The backgrounds would be stuck onto the panels inside the box. The illustrated animals would either be hung using thin string or stuck to the bottom of the box.

Through creating an artefact we felt that this would intrigue the audience to look further into the artefact itself, ultimately engaging with the protest. We also had a brief discussion about how this could work if this was to be taken further. The idea behind the artefact is that I could be scaled up to create an installation piece that could be placed in random places to raise awareness and protest about the cause. For example places such as Parliament or even city centres where people would be drawn to new things they aren’t use too.


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