Protest – Developing Stanley Green Style Placard

The brief stated that we needed to have one placard inspired/ in the style of Stanley Green. We started as a group by looking at the placards that Green had produced this gave us an insight into his way of working. From his work it was clear that cardboard, paint and tape had been mainly used within his placards. We decided to keep with the black and white colour scheme that Green used as it also fitted in with our colour scheme of red, white and black.

We started by digitally playing around with the type to ensure that we had the correct kerning and leading. This was also a useful process as it enabled us to visualise what the placard would look like when handmade. We experienced some problems when resourcing materials for the placard as we wanted black tape however, this wasn’t something that was available to us. We used paint and cardboard that was available to us.

As a group we made a decision to use a stencil to help with the placement of the letters, we felt that because Green’s work used very consistent type in it this was something we could incorporate into our own work. The whole group decided to participate in the creation of this placard as we felt that it would be a good starting point before creating a placard each individually. This was useful to do as we were all able to come up with ideas towards this placard and this highlighted to me further the point of collaboration and how useful it can be.

Using a scalpel we were able to cut the letters out to create the stencil that we were able to masking tape to the bored. Originally we wanted to use black masking tape however this wasn’t available to use to we managed to find some black cardboard which we used to cover the plain cardboard. Then using the white acrylic paint we dabbed it onto the stencil to create this edgy effect as if the letters weren’t perfectly painted onto the board. I thought that this was an interesting take on the work of Stanley Green because one the layout of the type but also the modern style of who the paint was placed onto the bored.


We then reinforced the cardboard using corrugated cardboard to make the placard stronger. This then gave us the idea with all our placard to maybe use corrugated cardboard to reinforced them all. Through doing this gave me the chance to think about how I could develop my own placard.



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