Protest – Placard Development

As a team we spoke about each taking one piece of copywriting and developing placard ideas. I was allocated ‘Let me be wild’  so I was asked to start developing these further using digital means or hand render. Taking the sketch ideas that I started with I thought that I would take them into InDesign and experiment with layout. I kept with the black, white and red colour scheme that we had used previously in the manifesto within this placard design. I wanted to include some subtle illustration to the design so taking the claw mark that I used in my illustration for the oxymoron. The claw mark was something that I had thought about during the initial idea generation for the oxymoron task and I think that it could be used here to make the placard visually stronger. I thought about experimenting with different layout to see which one I found worked stronger with the use of hierarchy and colour.


screen shot 2019-01-25 at 13.48.09
Linking back to my previous work from oxymoron task – claw mark on sofa. 

As I felt that the 3D aspect that the oxymoron outcome had was stronger (the use of layers) I thought that it could be interesting to experiment with this idea in the placards, either cutting into the board itself or adding to create the 3D effect. In this idea I thought that the claw mark could be ripped into the placard to give the sense that the animal is trying to break free of being tamed and kept as a pet.

In order to see how this would work further I decided to print it out A3 and use a scalpel to cut the claw marks out of the image. I thought that the placement of the claw marks weren’t too drastic as they still allowed the type to be read. I experimented with adding red paper behind the claw marks as this was something that the group thought might work well in the overall design. I think that the red works well behind it however, I think a dark red could work better, through doing this small experimentation helped me to see if this idea could work when taken forward.

In my sketchbook I decided to further experiment with the idea of layers, I cut out the claw marks and then using a red marker I created the red to go behind. This highlighted that the darker red works better as a contrast against the white type and black background. I think that the placard would befitted from multiple layers to make the claw marks look as if they were deeper to further emphasis the idea that the animal could be dangerous as it belongs in the wild. As I am considering using corrugated cardboard to construct this placard I will be able to cut into this and using paint or marker to make the inside of the mark red.

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