Protest – Placard Outcomes/ Live Protest

The next part of this project was creating the physical placards that would be used in our live protest. For my placard I decided to make it A3, using corrugated cardboard to strengthen the outcome. If I was to do this again I would consider using wood as this would make the placard stronger and easier to hold up when completing the live protest. I think that the 3D element of the claw marks worked really well in representing that idea of trying to escape. Using the scalpel to cut into both the image and cardboard was hard but I think that without this the design would feel to flat. Also, using red paper in the background proved to be the best way as when I tested the red marker on the corrugated cardboard I found that it wasn’t vibrant enough as when it was on paper, therefore, after speaking to the team we thought that using paper would be best.

From feedback that the group receive the use of the word ‘me’ and ‘they’ didn’t give the audience a clear sense of what the protest was about and that we could have related this more to the oxymoron project. If I was to make any adjustments to my placard I would consider the scale, I think that this was an issue as it was difficult to see from a distance, possibly changing it to be A2. Furthermore, I could consider changing the wording the placard so it would say ‘Let exotic animals be wild’ as this would clearly show the audience what the protest was about.


After constructing the placards the final stage of the project was to participate in the live protest that would take place around campus. It gave us the opportunity to bring all our work together to help us see how effective our work would be if it was an actual protest campaign. I think that together our placards work well with a few adjustments that individuals made after relieving feedback. If this was an actual protest I would consider using the artefact, and scaling up to produce a installation piece that would draw the  attention of people to the outcome.

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