End of Field 4 Evaulation

Throughout the course of the field module there were various aspects that I feel went well.  I think the logo design process was one of these elements from Part A. It was the first aspects that we were able to collaboratively work together and with everybody ideas I feel that we created a strong stand out logo. One in particular was the oxymoron task from the protest project, it worked really well with the research and thought process behind it. This specific aspect also pushed me to think about how my skills can be used within a different way instead of just 2D design. 

 I think that the  I learnt a great deal throughout the project including how to work collaboratively because this was something that I haven’t done a huge amount of prior to the module. Working with other graphic students showed me the benefits of working as a team and how ideas develop further. Also, I learnt how soft illustrations can really compliment a design rather than using vectors as something the imagery used graphics can be vector heavy, using softer imagery is something I will consider now in further projects. This was something that I learnt mainly in Part B of the module when we collaborated with Illustration.  

There were elements of the field module that I don’t think went as well as expected including communication during Part A of the module. This communication was vital and it was something that didn’t go as well as we’d hoped which meant that the outcomes weren’t as strong as they could have been. However, this was something that improved in part B of the module. Also, I think that the design task of the manifesto didn’t go as well as planned because as a group there were some mixed signals on what we were aiming to achieve which meant that as a team we didn’t produce the best outcome we could have. Next time I would definitely make sure that communication in the groups was better and that more time was made for the group to be in the studio working together, as I think this is where mistakes were made in final outcomes.

In part A of the module I used my skills to contribute towards creating the imagery for the entire campaign, as I had experience as a photography student I used my skills to create the imagery that would be used. Also, I used my graphic design skills helping to create the logo design but also producing the GIF for the campaign. During Part B I again used my knowledge of graphic design to aid multiple areas of the project but I was also able to put my art skills to use when contributing to the oxymoron task as I created the cardboard structure of the house because my art background is in cardboard sculpture. I feel that I attended and engaged all aspects of the projects and was fully committed to them both. 

The process has helped me to develop as a Graphic Designer as it has given me an insight into what it might possibly be like in industry as more than often a designer will need to work with illustrators who may need to create imagery for a project. It also helped me to develop my creative thinking and design process as through working other graphic designers seeing their process has made me evaluate my own, changing the way that I approach certain briefs and issues that might arise within a project. 

Throughout the module I’ve had to consider audience, tone and communication of the project. This was something that I think changed depending on how the project changed. For example, in part A I think we forgot to think about the audience at times who we were aiming the campaign at,. However, I think that we remembered the platform which we were communicating on. I feel that this improved and that for Part B I personally considered the audience/tone of the project which did evolve during the project. Starting of aiming it at people looking to buy exotic pets but by the end it was simply raising awareness about the harm they are coming to. 

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