Introduction to Changing Faces Editorial

The next module for subject is looking at Graphic Communication in context, pulling together all the aspects around type detailing etc. that we have learnt and focusing more on the context in which we use them. The new project is called ‘Changing Faces’ which is an editorial print project. We were given the brief of create 3 double page spreads on an article of our choice (from the selected). I am looking forward to this project as editorial design is something that I am interested in and I think that I can really experiment and explore in great depth.

As an introductory task to the project we were asked to design a total of 4, A5 spreads on the topic which we had chosen at random from the bucket. Working in groups of 4 we had to think about image, type detailing, grid systems and layouts. We were able to use articles from the internet and found imagery for this task. This task was an opportunity for us to think about pace within a series of spreads, this was something that I hadn’t considered before even though I have done some editorial design previously.

In our group we had, ‘what to do with 2 days in London’ we felt that it would be interesting to see what articles were out there about this first. We found an article with a 2 day itinerary written on which we thought we could utilise in our outcome. One of the team member thought about using the tube maps as inspiration for the editorial spreads, using it to map out the different places to visit for each day. We all thought that this was an interesting route to go down as it links to visual language of London. We also thought that it would be interesting to consider day and night and having 2 spread for the day and 2 spreads for the night. This would be indicated through alternating white and black backgrounds.

In terms of the typeface choices we explored different alternatives however, in the end we thought that it would be best to use the typeface used on the tube maps itself. As we couldn’t use the actually use the typeface we found one similar called London Tube, this gave the spreads the essence of the London Tube. We used this typeface for all three of the spreads which meant that there was consistency across all 4. As a group we decided it would be better to design all together around one laptop rather than split it up as this would help with consistency. Having used InDesign before we felt that I could quickly put things together so we did it on my laptop which everyones input included.

Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at 10.19.54Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at 10.20.05Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at 10.20.18Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at 10.21.31Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at 10.21.39

As the task stated that we could only use the black and white printer meant that our images would only be in black and white. We were given the option to print on coloured paper however, we felt that because we were using the tube maps as inspiration and they were printed on white that we would do the same.  I think that if this had been printed on colour it wouldn’t have worked as well as it could have. This task made me think about the importance off colour choices and layout. I think that this is something I will really need to consider when completing my individual spreads.

IMG_1070 2

Once printed out we completed a group critique where we looked at everyone’s spreads and evaluated what works and what could be improved. In our design the feedback we received was positive that they like the nod to the London Underground however, some people felt that the concept would work better as a website design and not necessarily a magazine design, this meant that we needed to think more about the context that we are communicating in. Furthermore, one piece of feedback which we received stated that we could have been more playful with our images, there were to square and randomly placed at points. Also, that we needed more content on some of the spreads as they looked too sparse in places. Overall, I think that this task was a good introduction to the editorial project and has enabled me to get some feedback to aid me moving forward into this project.



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