Choosing an Article & Analysis

As the project asked us to interpret an article through type and image, it was important to ensure that I chose an article which was interesting and I felt that I could work with. We had a choice of 10 different articles which I scanned over before narrowing it down to 4 articles that I would read in depth. Through doing this I was able to make a decision based around what I thought was the most interesting article, and which one I felt I connected to the most.

After reading ‘In the Perpetual Present’ I thought this interesting article would be something different to interpret. I felt that there was the ability to be creative and playful in terms of both type and image. In order to gain a better understanding about the article, I decided to deconstruct and analyse the article by annotating and highlighting important information. This helped to understand the article more and think about the imagery that I could use.

Analysing the article 

The article is about a lady who has no real memories about her life, she has travelled the world with her husband yet doesn’t remember a single cruise with him. McKinnon has a rare condition called serenely deficient autobiographical memory, which means she has no key memories but she does know key facts about life, but she has no doubts about her personality. McKinnon always thought that nobody remember these details but after she saw a specialist she realised that this wasn’t the case. The article was really interesting as it also talked about the fact that McKinnon doesn’t like photographs or to use social media to help her remember events, she said she starts to become to focused on trying to remember that she’s not living in the moment.

We then got into groups depending on the articles that we had chosen to discuss our ideas and thoughts about interpreting the article. We spoke about key themes, tones and concepts within the article as this is something in the brief that we needed to consider. We spoke about using lots of blank space and minimalist to mimic the idea of not being able to remember. From this exercise it was clear that we were all coming up with similar ideas which gave the indication that they weren’t original ideas they were probably cliche. After speaking to David we individually started to consider using visual metaphors to avoid playing to these cliches. The next stage in the process is to consider initial ideas and to explore these concepts before coming up with 3 final ideas before the next tutorials.

Group discussion mind map 


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