Additional Research & Initial Ideas

In the article the writer talks in greta detail about how McKinnon went through various processes to get a diagnosis for why she has no memories. This was something I thought that I would need to research further to gain more knowledge to help me really capture the essence of the article. I decided to research into the episodic and semantic memory as I felt that I should have a better knowledge of this.

According to The Human Memory website, episodic memory represents the events and experiences that we have, and we have the ability to reconstruct these events in our minds, like in a series. The described it as; ‘ the memory of autobiographical events’ able to remember exactly everything about the event. Where as Semantic memory holds facts and knowledge about the external world that we have often be taught. From this research it’s highlighted to me that McKinnon’s memory is unable to be like a timeline.

Another article I found describe different types of episodic memory, there are many different types however four of the main ones are:

  • specific events
  • personal facts
  • snapshot memories
  • general events

These different types hold different personal/individual memories however, they all have one thing in common which is that they aren’t taught facts or concepts they are personal to each person. However, both the episodic memory and semantic memory are part of the memory division called explicit memory. This small external research has enabled me to understand the term episodic memory better and it has allowed me to consider the concepts that I am developing. I need to think about the different between semantic and episodic in order to ensure that I am communicating the correct message across to the target audience.

 Initial Ideas & Creative Thinking

I started by just doing some sketches of things that came to mind initially after reading the article. I used a range of media to help me visualise these initial ideas, including pen, pen and wash and watercolour. I found that this was extremely useful because I was taking my initial reaction to the article and sketching out visual thoughts that came into my head.


From this them I decided that I should use some creative thinking techniques to help me build some different concepts which I could move forward and develop. I started by mind mapping ideas, using key words, themes and messages that I thought were important to the article. Key themes I found included: childhood, emotion, travel, social media and memory. This I found started to spark little pockets of ideas but not really anything yet that I felt I could use a concepts for the editorial spreads.


To help with this I thought about using a new creative thinking technique called Lotus Blossom. This is a technique that was shown to me during the first semester however, I hadn’t used to help me develop ideas. In the centre of the lotus blossom I wrote ‘perpetual present’ the name of the article, then I added 8 key terms from the article that I felt really resinated with me when reading it. From there I was able to think about each of the 8 words separately and independently away from article, which has helped me open up new avenue to explore. I think that this has enabled me to started pulling together different concepts that I could use for the outcome, while allowing me to think outside the box rather than going for the standard ideas that were generated in the group task that we had. Furthermore, now that I have used this creative thinking technique I think that it works well for me and is something that I will probably continue to use in future projects. The

The Human Memory (2018) Available at: (Accessed: 16 February 2019)
Cherry, K. (2018) Episodic Memories and Your Experiences. Available at: (Accessed: 16 February 2019)


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