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Changing Faces – Editorial Image Workshop

As part of our changing faces projects we took part in the editorial image workshop, an important part of the brief was to make sure there was a balance between image and type. The idea of the images is to make them more metaphorical, this is something that I have struggled with previously because my work is something very literal.

We were put into teams of three and each group had a different article which we had to interpret and create an image for. Our article was about the animals dying after having their photo taken, “the latest form of animal cruelty – death by camera phone.


We decided to break down the main themes which were animals, death and social media. From these we developed ideas including the idea that we eventually choice. We used the idea of the camera on a iPhone and the focusing swear being changed a target to highlight the idea that social media is killing these animals. In the final image we used a penguin in the background because we felt that this would be better.

This workshop has helped me think about how deconstructing the main themes will help you create imagery which is new and does make the audience think about article and imagery. This will help me throughout the course of this project but I am sure it will benefit me in future projects too.


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