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Changing faces -Developed imagery & initial InDesign layouts

From the tutorial it was clear that I needed to be more metaphorical with my imagery so I thought about photographing items that link/connect things but with element of it either broken or missing. In my sketchbook I brainstormed various things that came to mind when thinking about connections, including chains, wires, electric circuits and pipes. However, I also thought about the idea of links as in getting to one place to another which made me think about trains and trams.

In a photoshoot I experimented with creating interesting compositions with items that show this idea of missing/broken link/connection. This allowed me the chance to be more creative for example, cutting an old wire and moving around all the copper inside to removed 3 of the links from an old chain and creating different compositions with the broken link.

Compared to this first imagery I had thought of this is definitely more metaphorical as it doesn’t directly show a missing link or connection. (based around the idea that McKinnon cannot make connections to things from her past). Using this imagery now I developed 3 spread digitally using InDesign.

In the brief it highlights that the minimum for each single page is 315mm x 225mm which meant that a double page spread would be 315mm x 450mm. I decided that I would work with these measurements to ensure that I was meeting the requirements of the brief. I set my documents to produce 3 spreads at this size, I then adding grid systems depending on each different spread layout.

The screenshot below shows the first set of spreads that I designed, I was very bold in my use of imagery with it either spanning a single page or the entire spread. I liked the typography of the title, the letters are light enough to almost being missing but that are also still able to be read if needed. When taking a closer look at the article itself it was clear that in developed spreads that I might need to cut some paragraphs down in order to make the spread less body copy heavy. Personally I like the idea of the of the chain across the double page spread, I think that it’s very dynamic and is powerful.

Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 19.41.36

The second screenshot is the second spread that I designed, I used different type of layouts here including fading images over the top of type. I think that the colour of the wires is striking and has an impact on the reader. In this spread I experimented with the idea of using the textures from my concept 1 imagery within some of the type. However, I don’t think that it works with the rest of the spread and that you don’t really get the textures through from the image. I think that are elements of this spread which could be developed taken further when combined with spreads from the first idea could work well.

Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 19.41.56

The third screenshot below is the final initial spread idea that I have put together. In this set of spreads I have experimented with the idea of part of the characters missing, I developed the type using illustrator, I was able to manipulate the anchor points of the characters to create the sense that they weren’t complete. Much like the idea that McKinnon’s ability to make links to thinks isn’t complete. In this spread I used only the broken chain and disconnected wires, I made the bold choice again to use the images to cover across the background of the spreads. reflecting on this I can see that the type over the image of the chain might be a little difficult to read.  In this I think that the type setting needs some

Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 19.42.07

I will take these three initial layout ideas to my one to one tutorial where I will be able to chat through with a tutor which elements are best and how I can develop my spreads further.


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