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Changing Faces – One to One Feedback

In the one to one tutorial it was an opportunity for me to go through my initial drafts and discuss what works well and what parts could be improved. This was really useful to me as I had a variety of spreads which I was unsure what elements worked well and what didn’t.

When we discussed the article then looked at the imagery there was some idea that the chain and the broken wires weren’t feminine enough as the article talks about a women. The objects are often links to manufacturing and labour which meant that they could communicate the incorrect message. To develop upon this feedback it was suggested that maybe I take the chain idea into something little more feminine for example using a necklace chain thats broken. Also the idea of sitting being missing from clothing. I also received feedback saying that the image of the train track was very strong in showing a missing link, it was clear that this was the best imagery to take forward, the idea of the broken link didn’t seem to have the greatest impact but could work.

Furthermore, I also was given feedback on the hierarchy within my work, at the moment my bold decision with the photography was making the imagery too overpowering and maybe it would be better if  I had a better balance between the type and image. There were also a few issues with my type setting that I need to consider further. In terms of the headings it was felt that the ones where characters were missing from the words was the best as it gave a sense of missing connections as well. It was almost like they were fading away, much like McKinnon knowns intellectually they things go together but her memories of those are fading away.

In order to ensure that my spreads are ready for next week I will need to consider all this feedback and take it further in development to ensure that I achieve the best possible outcome I can.


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