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Changing Faces – Further Development


After the one to one I decided to complete another photoshoot where I broke a necklace chain to show a more feminine approach. I think that the photos that I end up with were okay however, for future reference I should use a lenses that allows me to get up close to the detail as I have had to use a wider shot to capture the chain.

I think that these do show a famine side to the article through imagery and used in combination to the previous chain I think will lift the editorial so that it isn’t just purely mechanical items.  I have tried to keep them landscape again as I felt that this would suit the editorial best however, I have experimented with portrait images too.


Once these were taken into photoshop and edited I started to create layouts including them. I wanted to include some of the stronger imagery I had used in the initial layouts but I was more cautious about over powering images being including on each spread.

Development 1

I started by completing a very basic layout adding my new images into an older layout I had experimented with. I used Zeitung Mirco Pro Light as my typeface for the body copy and using variations of weights (semi-bold/ regular) of this typeface for the titles and pull out quotations. Again I really thought that the text and image combination of the first page works and this was something that I decided to keep throughout the course of the developments. However, as noted previously my type setting wasn’t the best so I tried using a different grid system to make the spacing between the sections of type more equal and less squished. Furthermore, I wanted to make more use of the fading lettering I had used in the title so I decided to add this to the call outs too, which I had selected better to try and accommodate the concept of the article. I didn’t like the layout of the 3rd spread in this development I felt that it didn’t make much sense and that the type wasn’t working alongside the imagery now.

Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 21.25.12

Development 2

I then moved on to develop more again keeping the same combination of imagery to highlight the concept of missing link/ broken connection. As I thought that the text was starting to overpower and at times make the balance unsteady, I used a version of the article where I have reduced the amount of words to just about 1500 words. However, in this development I feel that there is too much blank space at times and that the type layout doesn’t utilise the space in the best way that it could. At this point I looked back and the initial layouts that I had completed and I like the idea of the larger chain going across the two pages. I think that reason that it was felt to be too over powering was due to the fact that there was too much text surrounding it, this is something I felt that I could develop further again.

Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 21.25.25

Development 3

Moving forward then I decided to including running headers and page numbers to the editorial, I felt that they were missing throughout the rest of development but they bring further elements of hierarchy to the piece. The page numbers being surrounded by blue also bring a sense of colour to the editorial as the images are very black and white. I also included a line to connect the running heads to the page number on the left hand page. However, the line has a slight break in it to again fit in with the concept which is missing link/ broken connection, I really like how this starts to frame the type and imagery. The grid system was slightly different in this development again using 4 column and an 8mm gutter, with point size 11. I think that through having this grid system it has allowed me to evenly distribute the text across all three spreads. Furthermore, I decided to include the larger imagery again in the spreads however, this time I haven’t place too much text around it. I think that this works better, even though the imagery is still bold I think that it communicates the concept that I have gone with for the article. I have also left the call outs in the same style that I had the title in as I felt that this worked well in previous development.

Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 21.25.38Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 21.25.52

I think that development three is the strongest so far because I have various levels of hierarchy within the piece along with strong imagery that shows the concept in different ways. I also think that the combination of bold striking full page imagery works well alongside the images that has been scaled down.

In order to see what this would look like printed to scale I decided to print development 3 out each page on A3 as it would be when printed professionally. By doing this gave me a sense of the elements on the document for example, if the body copy point size was correct if the imagery was too small etc. I evaluated my work using post it notes to allow me to refer back to them when making changes. Reflecting on my design process so far I think that buy having everything pinned up on a wall for me to evaluate is really useful for me and I think that this is something that I will continue to do.



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