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Changing Faces – Further Development & Type Detailing

As I had decided to move forward with my third development I evaluated it and there were a few areas that needed improving including my type detailing and body copy size. I also felt that something was missing from the editorial but I wasn’t sure what it was to start off with.

During a sign up tutorial that I have it was further confirmed to me that this was the case there were elements of the layouts that weren’t working. One of the major thing was the starting imagery, as I had used the train track then the rest of the imagery was chains it felt that I was trying to use to many visual metaphors within the editorial so it was suggested that I change the starting image to match the rest of the imagery in the article. This also lead onto the idea of having a complete chain at the beginning of the 3 spreads and then the final image would be a missing/broken link. Furthermore, it was felt that maybe through adding colour to the article would make it feel more contemporary and fresh, this was something that could be done through changing the image colours. Also, the boarder that I had added didn’t seem to be working as well and started to make the design feel to enclosed, the page numbers were detracting away from the article/ imagery due to size and some of the pull out quotations weren’t as strong as they could have been.

From this feedback it confirmed to me all the things that I had pulled out in my analyse of the design. I started off by looking at my imagery and how I could develop these, and add the colour. It was suggested that maybe I fade from one colour to another (for example starting in blue ending in pink). This was something that I was interested to look at some taking the original images I changed the mode to grayscale before adapting the brightness & contrast to make the image sharper. I then experimented with adding Duotone to the images, this created the vivid colour that was needed. I felt that this would bring that contemporary feeling that was missing from the editorial. Through adding the colour to them makes the images look like a series rather than just individual.


I then added these into my spreads before taking my typography to work alongside them. Through adding this pop of colour gave me yet another colour that I could use for the type which allowed me the opportunity to experiment maybe adding the pinks and reds into the type.

On the first spread as I had changed the image I needed to make the type fit around the image. I kept the same idea of some characters being faded out almost unreadable. I also added a subheading in here as I had space to do so and it adds yet another level of hierarchy to the spread. On the right hand side I flipped the original layout moving the body copy and stand first to the right and placing the call out between the text and image. I think that this visually works better and theres more balance in the spread. Also as the body copy point size was too large I scaled it down to 10 this when printed out seems to be the correct size. I took advantage of now having a third colour in the mix and made the stand first red to match the colour of the image beside it.

In terms of type detailing it was clear that there were some issues on this first spread. On the spread there were some orphans that I needed to get rid of in order to ensure that my type detailing was correct. To do this I needed to adjusted the tracking which enabled me to make sure I had no orphans at the end of the paragraphs. Also I added a ligature to the callout as I had a double ‘ff’ which meant that it was appropriate to do so.

Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 10.45.14

Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 10.16.29
Added a ligature

In the second spread I kept relatively similar to the development 3 in terms of layout however, I changed the call out that I used because in the end I felt that it didn’t link to that area of the article and that what it was saying had already been expressed by the first call out. I also added a second call out on the spread over in the image, I did this as I felt that there was a quite a bit of empty space here and that it would be interesting to add the call out. I really like the idea of the chains being in line with each other looks like it goes behind a white block of type which is interesting. Furthermore, this spread also contains the transition from red to pink which the first image being more reddish in tone and the second having a pinker shade. Again in the callout there was another double ‘ff’ so I used a ligature here.

Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 10.45.46


The last spread I kept the same however, I added in a smaller call out quote in the middle of the body copy to add a sense of hierarchy to the spread. Again using the colour pink to make it stand out as well as using a larger point size. On this spread in particular I think that the use of colour makes the image pop and draws the attention to the visual metaphor. The way that the body copy has been placed gives the impression that it sits around the chain at the bottom which visually I think works. In this spread there were also some widows and orphans that I needed to change, to do this I also changed the tracking. Through doing this I feel that I have eliminated all of the widows and orphans.

Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 10.45.55


Overall, I think that this development and progression has given me a more contemporary editorial that has a clear visual metaphor. I think that the imagery and layouts compliment the concept well and draw the audience in. The variety of layouts also means that there is a vary in the pace which is something that I needed to consider at the beginning of the project and reflecting looking at it now I think that I have achieved this. Reflectively looking back on the decision to add vibrant colour to the imagery I think has really helped to bring all three spreads together, previously there was a sense being unconnected and they didn’t flow however, I feel as though I have achieved this flow through the colour.


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