UX/UI – Initial ideas group tutorial

The group tutorial was a great place for me to discuss my initial ideas not only with the tutor but also with my peers. I spoke about the first idea as I felt that this was something new whereas the second idea had already been created (as seen in my research on the App Store).

The idea seemed well received by everybody in the tutorial, and they saw the relevance to trying to make the life of dog walkers simpler by syndicating all this information into one app. The idea also was logical to the group as when describing the tasks my mum undergoes checking the weather etc before walking the dog taking 10-15 minutes to do so, they saw that the app would also save time.

In the tutorial there were some questions given to me to allow me think more about the development including: What are the aesthetics of the app? What’s the dog walkers aesthetics? Who would authorise the data for maps or dog friendly cafes? Where would the revenue scheme for the app come from? These were all valid questions that I hadn’t considered in much detail yet. I would have too look into all the problems that these would cause and find solutions for them.

Furthermore, in the tutorial when talking about aesthetics for my idea I mention the idea of possibly making the aesthetic personalised. For example maybe the background of the app could be a photo of their dog. This is something that I could explore further, but the idea of tailoring the app to the individual is a good idea and selling point.

The next stage in the process now is to do further research into what apps are out there and your aesthetics. I will also conduct some further research into app design as I think that this will give me the best opportunity to develop a strong and ambitious outcome. I am excited by the potential in this project, I feel that this could be an interesting development and learning stage in my first year.

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