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UX/UI – Group Tutorial 2

Taking the ideas that I had developed I spoke to my peers and tutors about the idea showing them the wireframe and explaining how it would work. From this tutorial I got really insightful feedback and thoughts which I think will help me to develop this much further.

One of the points that was raised about my app when I was explaining it was the fact that it would have multiple functions. For example having the a separate function for finding dog places it sounds like a separate app in itself, which made me think about the complexity of the app and whether having all these multiple function would end up making the app difficult to use. This has left me considering whether it would be better to just make the app about finding suitable walking routes for dog owners rather than having multiple functions.

One thing that I had considered was the environmental impacts of the walks, so that when the user choses a route it would tell you the weather, sun rise tide times etc. However, a point that was made over time maps will sometimes go out of date and this would effect the usefulness of my app. I was suggested maybe implementing a colour coding system to show people if the route stays the same all year around or whether it might change. (For example a road walking route would be same all year around whereas a coastal walk might now due to the ever changing coastal line.)  I was also suggested maybe adding a clause that states that the route are being walked at the walkers risk.

Another thing that we discussed what how the app could be abused? Could people exploit it to get people to walk dangerous places? This is something that I need to consider maybe using a rating system to try prevent this from happening. I don’t want the app to be missed used so therefore I need to think about this in further detail. Overall, I think that by considering all these various factors will allow me to create the best app that I can.


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