UX/UI – User Experience/ User Testing

In the lecture we were giving I learnt how important it is to consider the user of the app and how important user testing is. We were given the task to go away to create three different personas for our app users, we were asked to think about name age what they looked like, hobbies etc. In my sketchbook I created these three personas for my app, I specifically talk about the dogs needs as well as owners.

Sketchbook – Three Persona Task

Persona 1 

Name: Sara                                                Age: 35

Daily Tasks: After a busy day in work as a teaching assistant, Sara comes home to her family (2 children aged 10 and 13, husband Hugo and family dog) After coming all the chores of being a mother, Sara loves nothing more than to take their dog for a nice work in the evening.

Home Life: Living in a small town outside of major city in South Wales. The location isn’t to far from shops and not to far away from the coast or countryside. Sara likes to walk the dog furthest of the weekend when she has a little more time.

Dog Type: The family dog is a chocolate coloured Labrador called Simba, aged 5. Very energetic with needs lots of walking in different areas to keep him simulated. Very friendly loves other dogs and people.

Goals: Sara finds hard to find quickest routes to walk sometimes when she needs a quick walk in the evening with Simba. Spends more time check weather and sunset times that actually out walking.

Persona 2 

Name: Daniel                                               Age: 21

Daily Tasks: Dan is a young engineer at a firm based in the city. Lives in a small house in countryside with girlfriend Ash and their two dogs. Likes the outdoors, mountain bike and rock climbing. But enjoys relaxing at home too.

Home Life: Living the countryside 20 minute drive outside of the city. Small rural village with a few cottages surrounded by fields and 10 minute walk from the beach. Spends many summer evenings chilling out on the beach with girlfriend and dogs. Has a passion for driving so like to explore new places that may require driving too.

Dog Type: Daniel has two dogs, one a Collie called Hallie, aged 7 and another called Chester who is a Beagle, aged 4. Both dogs love the outdoors but Hallie loves fields and grass while Chester prefers to walk along the paths rather than get muddy at times.

Goals: Has previously had trouble getting caught in high tides when walking on coastal routes and has been caught out with routes changing due to weather conditions.

Persona 3

Name: Esme                                              Age: 50

Daily Tasks: Esme is a officer worker. Married to husband Peter for 20 years has 3 children aged18+. Esme has the family dog, Pepper to keep her company.

Home Life: Lives in the city outskirts and commutes to work on her bike everyday. As her husband Peter works away a lot leaving her home alone, Esme spends a lot of time with their dog Pepper. As Esme had grown up in the valleys she sometimes will go visit her home village and take pepper up with her.

Dog Type: Pepper is a sausage dog aged 9. Even for older age he still loves a good walk but struggles to go far.

Goals: Has trouble finding routes suitable for her and dog especially ones that aren’t to far or uphill.

User Testing

In the lecture we also talked about the user testing and how this can be done either through people actually physically using the digital prototype, paper prototyping or just purely conversation. The second task was to under take some user testing using the personas we had created. We completed using testing in a group of three, two people were given a persona to be and then ask questions to the designer about their app. As a group we had decided to do this purely conversational to allow everybody to be at the same stage. Personally I found it extremely useful to do because it allowed me to see things that I had considered before about how a user might react or ask for within the app.

Some of the feedback that I received was useful making me thing about elements I hadn’t thought about before. Including how many different filters (time limit, ease to walk etc.) do I need to include to ensure people can find the perfect routes? Could there be a way of inviting dog walker friends to join you on a route on a certain day? Could there be a GPS tracker in case of an emergency for somebody to find you?

This was some of the questions I was asked during the task, which got me thinking more about the development stage of this app. I started to consider maybe how these things would make the users experience of the app better. This is something that I am considering using throughout the development of the app to make sure that I am making the app to the best that I can.




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