UX/UI – Wireframes and XD Experimentation

After the user testing I decided to start creating a prototype for the app in XD. I wanted to do this to help me gain a better understanding on the visual look of the app and how it would function all together.

First Wireframe

Looking at the first wireframe that I had completed I wanted this one to be easier to follow and understand in comparison. As this wireframe formed I noticed that even without the various elements that I had removed there is still a lot of screens and detailing that is required. However, overall in comparison to the previous one this wireframe contained less screens which I thought might be easier to navigate.

Second Wireframe 

Using the wireframe I went in to Adobe XD and decided to create an initial starting point for the app. I decided to download the Apple icons from Adobe as I felt that this would be easier than trying to create all new icons, plus thinking about user experiences majority of individuals know the Apple Icons and are familiar with them meaning that it would make my app seem easier to use.

Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 10.55.26.png
Adobe XD – Initial Prototype 

In this development I haven’t added any imagery of walks or the map as I just wanted to get a sense of aesthetics and usability. I think that the idea of have the personalised image of the dog in the background works really well as it allows the user to feel as tho the app is tailored  to them specifically.

In this specific prototype I have included sliders for the filter menu, the sliders I think are a good edition to the app, and make the app easier to use as there are only three levels to chose from rather than several. However, in this prototype version of the app I think that there are some elements that could be improved; firstly looking at aesthetics.

The home page go the app doesn’t feel that it uses the space the best that it can and it seems little bit all over the place. I also feel that the user home page isn’t aesthetically pleasing and feels very bland. I think that this could be eliminated and maybe use a slide in menu from the slide to allow people to quickly access the areas rather than having to go through to the home page all the time.

In terms of navigation of this app areas of it are two complex and I think that they need to be develop. As an example the idea of inviting a friend to join you for a walk is very complex and doesn’t make much sense at the moment. This is something that I will need to look at in the wireframe to see if I can make this easier. Also, the filter page I feel need to be easier to navigate because currently it feels very clumsy to use.

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