UX/UI – Imagery

As this brief requires us to us our own imagery within the app design, I decided to go out to several of the different location that would be included within the prototype and photograph some of the places along the walk. Also, as the app would be personalised by the user I wanted to show this in the prototype to so I also shot some image of my own dog to be used on the app.

Dog Photographs

I decided to take images of my own dog to used on the prototype as the background for the app, as mentioned earlier in the process I feel that it is important for the user to personalise the app as that to me is the aesthetic of the dog owner. For these images I used my Canon 1300 D  then took the images into photoshop to edit.

Below are a few of the images that I took:

I thought that these would be good images for the background of the screens on the app. When there is major text on the screen there will be filter over the top of the images to darken them slightly. I am also considering blurring the images slightly to make sure that they won’t over power the type. This filter and blurring would be applied in the app if it was to be produced, to the individuals images.

Location Photography

For the location images that would need to be used within the app I decided to go and visit these location. I knew that the app would be portrait therefore I tried to ensure that majority of the images were taken in portrait. However, some weren’t taken in in this mode they were taken in landscape as I couldn’t get the level of detail I wanted.

In terms of editing the photo in photoshop I actually did very little. I only cropped and edited the levels. Through doing this I didn’t think that the images looked as though they had be edited because if the app was to be produced professionally then the images would be uploaded by the user so they might not be professionally edited. All these images I have used within the prototype to help show what the app would look like.  Below are the images:


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