UX/UI – User Experience/ User Testing 2

Following the developments that I have made to the prototype of the app I decided to undergo some further user testing to try ensure that the prototype was meeting the needs of the audience for the app. Using the user profiles that I had created I asked a few individuals to act as these personas and give me feedback on the app when I showed it to them. As this had worked effectively before I thought that I would be a good way to continue. The feedback was as followed:

  • Adding a route page needs to be consider more on the safety aspects of the route.
  • Likes the filters section, thought it was really good to give options.
  • While on the route could consider sending an alert to phone to say you’ve walked a certain amount of miles.
  • Consider the layout of the screen with chose route on it maybe think about putting rating at the bottom to make more sense.

Overall the feedback was really positive on the app and it felt as though compared to the last user testing that the users were pleased with the current features on the app prototype. There were some areas from improvement on the app and these are feature that I will review and start to adapt to meet the users thoughts.

Consider the feedback regarding the alert idea for the distance being walked, I think this might require me to consider walking app that are already on there and do some more research into these apps to help me ensure that this feature would work well within the app.


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