UX/UI – Tutorial

During this tutorial I showed my prototype working with all the developments that I have done up to this date. This tutorial was really useful to me as I was able to get confirmation on some queries that I had while gaining feedback to aid me to develop the app further.

Majority of the feedback that I received was positive and the app seemed to work the best that it could consider the software has some limitations (no video or gifs can be added in XD). These I will present during the presentation to allow the individuals to visual what it will look like.

Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 15.07.46
Side Menu – Development

One piece of feedback that I did receive was regarding these icons on the slide menu. Compared to the rest of the app these seemed clunky as they give the impression of being hand drawn whereas I have used photography everywhere else in the prototype. Thinking about this I am thinking about changing these to photographs maybe linking them to dogs. For example, the add route icon could be a lead or the settings icon could be a dog tag. I also received feedback to just refine the prototype to make sure that its working as smoothly as possible.

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