Portfolio Design – Workshop #1

For the final project for first year we’ve been asked to create a portfolio to showcase all the projects that we have done throughout the course of the first year. The portfolio would be a Digital PDF document, designed using InDesign.

As part of the briefing for this final project we took part in a workshop where we were asked various questions such as what we thought we are strengths, what things best describe us and what companies do we aspire to work for. Through doing this is enables us to evaluate ourselves as designers and start to think about what our ethos is as designers. This workshop would also provided us with initial ideas of what we wanted our portfolios to look like and the impression that we would like to give.

Workshop Questions & Answers

If you were a brand, which three brand would you be? 

  • Apple
  • Canon
  • Natural Collection

I chose these brands as I use majority of them everyday and they are like a part of me. Canon is more related to my love of photography and capturing the moment within a image that will say 1000 words.

If you were a font, which three fonts would you be?

  • Rubik Medium/Light
  • Zeitung Mirco Pro
  • DIN Alternative

These are font which I think throughout this first year I have been drawn too and have used throughout multiple projects.

Three words to describe yourself as a professional designer. 

  • Editorial
  • Creative
  • Realistic

I chose these three words in particular because I felt that they best describe me. I felt that the editorial design project was my strongest. I feel that I have been creative throughout the course of the first year in all aspects. I think that I have also tried to communicate the message as easily as possible and show the audience the realistic picture.

Three Companies you would love to work for. 

  • Blogosphere Magazine
  • JackRenwick Studio
  • Blue Egg

All three of these companies I would love to work for, blogosphere are a editorial magazine and I find there work very inspirational. I’d love to work with Jack Renwick Studio after hearing her talk at 4 Designer this year and looking further into her work and the meaning/thoughts that go behind it. Also Blue Egg a local studio who work with Digital branding which is an area I am yet to explore in detail but find their work exciting to look at.

What is your strongest skill as a creative person? 

Being able to come up with creative concept ideas. Alongside being able to work well in a team and organisation.

In a sentence, sum yourself up as a professional designer? 

I create designs with innovative concepts and communicate the message well.


I found this workshop useful because it allowed me to really think about myself as a designer and where I want to start navigating my studies towards. I did find it difficult to talk about myself and my strengths as a designer, however, I think that over time I will be able to be more confident in talking about my strengths. This will be useful to look back on in a years time to see how my feelings have changed but also how I have progressed as a designer.

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