Portfolio Project – Workshop #2

As part of the workshop we were asked to look in future detail into the three companies that we would love to work for and reflect on their practice.

Company/Agency Name: Jack Renwick Studio

Ethos: The ethos of this studio is summed up in one very simple line on their website, “Make it different. Make a Difference”. I think that this is a very quick and easy way to sum up the studio.

Reflection on practice: After listen to Jack speak at 4 Designers I felt compelled to look further into their practice. One of the projects that I really connected with and felt related itself very clearly to the ethos of the studio was Wide Horizons. This are a charity that aim to take children out from the classroom and help them learn better through outdoor curriculum. To me personally I think that with this project it really relates to this idea of “make it different. make a difference”. I thought that they way they used classroom stationary to make different objects out of for the identity for this project was an amazing concept, as it clearly shows learning but in a different way to the normal classroom.

Why you would want to work for them: I would want to work for Jack Renwick Studio for the experience of working with the ethos. I think that there ethos is something that I would enjoy working with. I would like to design innovative and creative outcomes but ensure that they also had a positive impact.


Company/Agency Name: Blogosphere Magazine

Ethos: Blogosphere are a magazine that publish 3 issue every year with content based around blogging (social media). They are aiming to help people get into this growing industry, not only though magazine but through other aspects such as podcasting.

Reflection on practice: Blogosphere have published many issues yet there is something that is magical about the style of editorial that they do. The style is very contemporary and clean, Even though each issue is different there is constancy from issue to issue. Angela Lyons who created the branding for the magazine and spreads is an inspiration of my mine.

Why you would want to work for them: I would like to work for blogosphere as I feel that my strengths are in editorial design and concepts. I love the content that they create and the way in which they design their work is something that I aspire to be like.


Company/Agency Name: Bluegg

Ethos: I think that the ethos of Bluegg is again summed up with the following from there website, “Challenging. Bold. Big thinking. Fast moving. Grown up. Juvenile”.

Reflection on practice: As the are a Digital branding company there work is very different from both the two companies above. One of their projects that I love is the re-branding of Wales Week. I think that its a clever idea and concept using the connector within the logo allows it too be used with multiple content (for example as the event expands).

Why you would want to work for them: I would enjoy working for them because I think that it was be very interesting to work with that ethos and create branding that everybody recognises.


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