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Changing Faces – Responding to Feedback

I received feedback on my changing faces editorial project after the formative assessment point. Overall I was very happy with the feedback and agree with the few areas that could be pushed further. As these editorials are going to form part of our end of year show, we are given time to make some adjustments prior to printing.

In the feedback it stated that my pull out quotations could be more evocative of their content. They seem to long and make the user disengage. This is something that I needed to address further. I decided in many cases to shorten the quotes that I had, taking out any information that was needed. As an example using “I know bits and pieces” rather than “I know bits and pies of stuff that’s happened”.

The feedback also stated about my typesetting and how things such as my rag needed more work. In order to try an create a more natural rag I decided to change the point size from 11 to 9. This created a more natural following Rag, to further this I also tried to move certain words to the next line. Moving words to the next line also help frame the type better around the imagery, for instance the title page.

Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 14.11.11.png

Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 14.11.25

Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 14.11.35

I wanted to push the concept of the project more, the idea of missing/broken connections, alongside the content of the article which talks about fading memories. The visual language would still include characters missing from words but maybe as the editorial moves forward the more and more character start to fade. I used this in the pull out quotations mainly. Furthermore, previously the pull out quotations where black but I felt they would compliment the imagery more if they were coloured to match. I feel that this both compliments the images but also allows the quotes to stand out more and don’t seem placed unnaturally.

Also, with idea of the pushing the concept/content further I thought about fading the running heads as the article/editorial progresses. Starting off being 100%, moving to 50% then to 10% I think that this really adds to overall story and starts to strongly communicate the message of the article.

Overall I think that with these improvements I have really been able to enhance my work and showcase the message of the article/ the concept of spreads better.


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