Portfolio Peer Review

As part of getting our portfolios ready for submission we took part in a peer review session where we were given feedback on how to improve our portfolios. I found the session beneficial because I was able to have the strengths and weaknesses of my portfolio pointed out to me. It was also useful to discuss what my peers thought about ‘branding’ and what they thought about the way in which I had presented the work in general.

We worked in partners for this task and Megan gave me the positive feedback as followed:

  1. Including information of the programmes – shows varied skill set.
  2. consistency with the paint mark in branding throughout.
  3. Large images help to break up the portfolio
  4. Strong photography/imagery
  5. placed projects in context.

This was really positive to hear as it allowed me to consider how I can continue to develop the portfolio to show these. However, there was also feedback about the weaknesses of the portfolio and ways forward to improve upon these.

  1. Spelling – Check over synopsis for mistakes, proof read everything before final submission. Get somebody to double check.
  2. Image layout of reimagine design histories project, needs to be places more in context consider maybe a wall of a posters and yours being the main focus. Would lead nicely into the next image.
  3. In synopsis could make the type similar to the heading to bring in consistency. (put brief in bold)
  4. Hello opening page – consider adding some imagery to the page as you are trying to show who you are and theres not reference to your work at all, consider maybe adding something to show this.
  5. Repetitive images – be careful not to use to much repetitive images, its good to show imagery in content but could get to repetitive using the same background (Dog-go.)

I agree with these weakness and feel that they are something that I can work on to improve the portfolio before hand in.

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