Portfolio Development

Since having the peer review have decided to start making some developments to my portfolio. I started by ensuring that the visual language was consistent throughout the portfolio. I decided to continue using the combination of Kiro Light and Thin in my body copy of type to ensure than there was consistency , as this was something that was suggested in the peer feedback. I have also started to complete photographing the work in context, below are a few of the images that I have taken for the portfolio.

I took the feedback that I was given and displayed the Reimagining Designs Histories poster in a better context, on a notice board. I have also experimented with using hands within my photography in order to show both the context and scale of my work. This was something I discussed during my peer review of my portfolio, and I felt that it was something I considered.

In relation to my peer feedback I have added a contact page at the end of the portfolio to allow any one who reads to get in contact with me for more information or view more of my work online social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter or WordPress. I decided to give it a similar aesthetic to the cover page of my portfolio.

Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 09.38.02

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