Summer Branding Research – Project Write Ups

After reading the two branding books which were very useful and insightful, I was able to start conducting the branding research. We were required to research in at least 2 of the branding projects from the list.

Branding Project #1:  BBC Two Rebrand by SuperUnion

BBC Two is well known for broadcasting a variety of shows everything from hard hitting documentaries to comedies. The channel needed a rebrand in order to show the viewers what BBC Two stand for because in the growing world of television BBC Two didn’t have a unified brand. As the number 2 had be a prominent visual in the channel’s indents for some years before, it would appear that they have continued to use the ‘2’ in a different way in order for viewers not to feel as though the brand has completely changed. By continuing to use the ‘2’ within the branding highlights the original brand values are still being maintained.

SuperUnion: BBC Two Indents.

The Curve of the 2 is the visual language used in all the indents, to create a unified brand, even though all the indents are actually very different. The brand is trying to communicate the various emotions the channel is able to make the viewer feel. This has been done by all the indents being very different, each one intended to represent the different moods. Texture is another huge visual aspect to the rebrand, again each texture is distinct which feel as though it has been done to reinforce the brand idea of diversity. Also, as BBC Two is an ad free channel this offered another opportunity to communicate the concept of the brand. By using precise match breaks it turned ads into indents, creating this unique environment where the viewing experience is seamless. The music used to go alongside the brand was another important aspect in creating this environment. It’s arranged slightly differently to match the individual indents, again to highlight the diversity of the channel’s content. However, it’s still unmistakeable, everybody is able to recognise it’s BBC two even in the variations of it. It’s an important aspect to the brand. The brand is distinctive and different from others out there, which is vital when rebranding something that has many competitors. The distinct central curve of the ‘2’ is unique that no matter what the textures are they viewer will always be able to relate that it’s BBC Two.


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Branding Project 2:  Airbnb Rebrand by Design Studio

Airbnb are a global company who offer places for people to stay across the globe. According to the CEO of Airbnb, their old brand had outgrown its community and wasn’t communicating what the brand was about anymore. The essence of the Airbnb brand is the ability to feel able to belong anywhere across the globe, fit into any community, to be able to connect with people wherever. This essence has clearly been used to inform all the design decisions throughout the rebrand. As the brand is global and would need to be communicated in multiple languages, DesignStudio decided to create a mark to represent the brand. Through using a mark rather than words allows the brand to become transcendent above language, culture and country, it can be recognised by anybody. This is highly important to how the brand communicates with its consumers.  The mark named Belo, was created to encompass visually, what the brand was about; people, places, love and Airbnb.

Belo: People, Places, Love & Airbn

Thinking about how the brand communicates, the Belo is able to be easily recreated by anyone. The simpliticy of the mark, the use of one line, can be created using a pen, pencil or objects, anything can be used. This allows each consumer to express the icon individually, making it in their own style. Which would lead to them wanting to show others which means more people are seeing the brand, then wanting to engage with the brand. This is a very clever way of pushing the brand out there, communicating to a wider audience. Through allowing the consumers to create their own version of the brand mark further highlights the essence of community which is key for the brand. Airbnb have effectively given the community their brand mark to personalise, making users feel more connected to each other and the brand. The mark has created an entire visual language for the company, even having influenced the recent typeface created for the brand. Airbnb Cereal designed in collaboration with Dalton Magg, appears to have been influenced by the Belo Mark, like the mark, it’s simple and reflects the brand values.

Airbnb Cereal Typeface

Furthermore, the colour chosen for the rebrand was very daring as looking at other online companies at the time blue appears to be the choice due to the trustworthy connotations it holds. However, blue also has connotations of cold and corporate which is something that Airbnb didn’t want customer thinking. The coral colour is warmer, more friendly and inviting, as a ‘community marketplace’ Airbnb wanted users to feel able to approach them. The colour choice like everything else in the rebrand, mirrors the brand values. The entirety of the rebrand is consistent in showing the key values, everything from the creation of the mark right down to the colour choice, which in turn has created a successful brand.


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Branding Project #3: Great Exhibition of the North by Studio.Build

The Great Exhibition of the North was created to inspire people to visit the northern parts of the UK. This exhibition was split four main sections – art, design, culture and innovation. The branding had to encapsulate all these segments of the exhibition under one identity. Studio.Build were leading the branding for the project, as they aim was to encourage and invite people to the northern city, the tone of branding had to be fun and interesting. However, it still needed to be professional and comfortably fit into a corporate setting as it is a government backed event. The target audience to communicate to was massively varied from younger people to older generations. The logo for the exhibition is a combination of the letter N and an upwards pointing arrow, the letter has been abstracted in order for the arrow to be placed into the letter. An arrow, for majority of people, symbolises movement in a direction and can been seen on signage in everyday life for example along the motorways. In this case the arrow is pointing up Northwards, reiterating the concept of the exhibition, encouraging people to visit North. The exhibition also aims to show the development of the North moving forward which the upwards arrow also symbolises.

Create Exhibition of the North Branding
Great Exhibition of the North Signage.

The visual identity also includes a vibrant multi-coloured palette as well as a variety of different graphic symbols. Each section of the exhibition was assigned a specific colour combination and a pattern, allowing visitors to distinguish each segment. This was also applied to signage and helped with wayfinding throughout the event. This shows how the brand created was versatile and had the ability to be applied to multiple platforms, while continuing to communicate the concept of the exhibition. The identity looks bright and impactful due to the multi-coloured scheme while still appealing to the wide range of people intended to attract. The vibrant colours, however, do not distract from the marque created instead they simply compliment it. Furthermore, there is consistency across the entire exhibition branding including the typographic system being used. All of the posters, signage and other media used, the type is set going vertically upwards. This potentially could be reiterating the concepts of getting people to visit the North and showing the upwards progress the areas are making.  If this is the case, then I think that it’s subtle but effective when used with the marque. Overall the branding for this project is clear, shows the concept through multiple ways and is very effective.


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